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This Course is all about the Puppy; his/her development and creating a manageable, confident and well behaved adult dog starting with the little individual that we get. We look at selecting a breed, a breeder, breed specific health tests, early puppy temperament testing, how puppies behave when they arrive in your home, how puppies learn and most of all what puppies need to develop in to the best dog that they can.

This course is aimed at the dog lover who has a thirst for knowledge, but is also essential for the canine professional who wants to increase their knowledge in the wonderful world of puppies and how to assist clients to achieve the very best that they can…whether that client owns a Basset Fauve De Bretagne or an American Akita.

It is designed to teach you how to choose or give advice on selecting a breed and an individual puppy, to give a puppy the best possible start in their journey through life and will take you from choosing a puppy right through to the year old adolescent.

Spread over three phases you’ll learn about things such as how to locate a suitable breeder and to be able to advise on signposting that for clients, what to look for within a litter depending on your requirements, health testing, temperament inheritance, the critical periods of temperament development, feeding and of course that so important early puppy obedience training, response conditioning, and much, much more.

The module, split into three phases, can be undertaken at any time and over any reasonable period within a maximum of six months from the date of registration.

Phase 1 (Home Study)

  • Involves the research and study of selecting a breed, a breeder, breed specific health tests, early puppy temperament testing, what to look for and how to advise.
  • The best way to bring a puppy home. Introducing your puppy to resident pets and visa versa!
  • Transporting your puppy.
  • Conditioning your puppy to household sights and sounds and vaccinations.

Phase 2 (Home Study)

  • Involves the research and study of socialisation – assessing the breed and the individual that you see.
  • Nutrition.
  • Crates, Cages, Dens and Myths.
  • Toilet training.
  • Toys, Treats and Play.
  • Alone time and preventing Separation Anxiety.

Phase 3 (Home Study)

  • Involves the research and study of assessing the individual dog and planning ahead.
  • Training and behaviour – what is this difference?
  • Obedience training – home and classes.
  • Trouble shooting – jumping up, mouthing, chewing.
  • Disciplines – what is there available to do with your adolescent dog now you have him.


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