First steps in your first job: Management of real life

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About the course

Carolyne will concentrate on factors, which affect us all in day-to-day life in veterinary practice.  Working with colleagues in a busy practice can be a challenge in itself, Carolyne will talk about understanding people and how to make working with your colleagues easier. Practice life is full of threats to your resilience so learn to thrice in this challenging environment and to increase your efficiency, Carolyne will deal with making your time management effective and alleviate some of these feelings of pressure. 

Learning objectives

Feel resilient and thrive in practice Understand how people work Work well as part of the veterinary team Make you time management effective

Speaker CV

Carolyne is an experienced equine vet, an award winning personal performance coach, mentor, international speaker, researcher and lecturer.  Carolyne has a Masters degree in Workplace Health and Wellbeing and continues to research in veterinary team health, wellbeing, performance and engagement.  She is a master trainer in DISC behaviour profiling, a CPCAB trainer in stress management and wellbeing, a certified trainer in resilience, A Mental Health First Aider and an honorary lecturer of the University of Liverpool.  After successfully running her coaching and training business for several years, Carolyne works as a training consultant with the VDS training team; developing, training and coaching individuals, teams and practices to be the best they can be and thrive both personally and professionally.

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