SOP - Locking Plate Systems

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About the course

String of Pearls (SOP™) is a locking plate system which provides exceptionally flexible options to the surgeon, particularly in complicated situations where contouring on multiple planes is required. Locking plates are powerful and versatile implants but the mechanics and methods of application are significantly different from conventional plate systems.

The course will cover:

• Fracture repair systems - the flaws and failings

• Locking plate technology

• Features and biomechanics of SOPTM

• Where and how to use it

• Half day dry and wet lab practical session using a variety of anatomical bones

By the end of this course you should have an understanding of:

  • The limitations of existing implant systems
  • The concept of SOPTM and why it differs from conventional plate systems
  • Case selection and clinical application of the SOPTM system
  • How to use SOPTM in a range of orthopaedic applications

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