The Equine Back

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There is no doubt that the equine back presents a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. The anatomy of the back is complex and pain can arise from several structures caused by a variety of problems, which are usually multi-factorial and often interlinked resulting in a range of clinical signs.  Successful outcome of these cases requires a multidisciplinary approach and the close collaboration between all people caring for horses.  In this course the delegate will be guided through the diagnosis and therapy of back problems highlighting the different approaches from the veterinary, biomechanical and physiotherapeutic experts in small group teaching sessions with live horses. It is suitable for anybody who wants to know more about this challenging area and how the different professional groups approach this. This course is offered as a blended session with introductory material provided online followed by lectures and small group teaching during the two days.  Fee: BEVA Members £325 Non Members £650

Key Learning Objectives:  • Gain an understanding of the morphological and functional anatomy of the back  • Understand the principles of saddle fitting  • Understand the veterinary and physiotherapeutic approach to back problems 

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