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This two-day course will provide you with everything you need to feel confident in adding arthroscopy to your diagnostic and therapeutic armoury with plenty of time in the wet-lab getting hands-on experience of how to approach the main joints of both forelimb and hindlimb.


Learning objectives Day 1:

  • Review the instrumentation necessary for arthroscopic procedures
  • Discuss common joint pathology
  • Understand the indications for arthroscopy
  • Understand patient preparation and the creation of portals for elbow, shoulder and stifle arthroscopy
  • Practise the above techniques in a wet-lab environment

Learning objectives Day 2:

  • Perform an arthroscopic examination of the elbow, shoulder and stifle joints
  • Perform simple arthroscopic surgery of the elbow and shoulder
  • Understand the possible complications of the above procedures
  • Practise the above techniques in a wet-lab environment

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