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Noise-related problems in dogs with Sarah Heath

This is a series of six videos with Sarah Heath looking at the common presentation of noise-related behaviour problems in dogs.

Fear-related behaviour in response to sound stimuli might be an adaptive response, especially when the sound is potentially indicative of impending threat or danger. However, when the danger or threat is a perceived one the fear can become maladaptive. While some sound sensitive dogs may display a graded fear response, which is in proportion to the perceived threat, others will progress to a phobic state which involves an “all or nothing” emotional response.

In this series of videos, suitable for both vets and vet nurses, the prevention of noise-related behaviour problems in domestic dogs is discussed, as well as strategies that can be used to manage and treat these behaviours when they arise.

Topics covered include:

  • Prevalence of noise-related behaviour problems in dogs
  • Prevention of noise-related behaviour problems in dogs
  • Management of behaviour during unavoidable noise events
  • Long-term modification of behavioural reactions to noises
  • The role of medication, nutraceuticals and pheromones when dealing with noise-related behaviour problems in dogs

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