Wound Reconstruction

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About the course

On-going advances in oncological surgery, trauma surgery and wound management ensure that the indications for advanced reconstructive surgery in small animal patients continue to increase. Large tumour resections and chronic non-healing wounds leave the surgeon with reconstructive challenges. A range of options can be considered where local skin tension, lack of adjacent skin or close vicinity of important organs precludes primary closure. These options include the use of local skin flaps, distant skin flaps, axial pattern flaps, skin stretching and free skin grafts. The course aims to give you a better understanding of wound healing, surgical principles and common reconstructive techniques.

By the end of this course you will have an understanding of:

• Surgical Principles

• Wound Healing

• Wound management

• Tension relieving techniques

• Local subdermal skin flaps

• Axial Pattern flaps

• Skin grafts

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