Remember remember the dogs on the 5th of November

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Firework events used to be largely confined to the 5th of November and the surrounding weekends but over recent years the increase in popularity of fireworks at events such as weddings, birthdays, New Year and as part
of cultural evenings, has meant that they can
be encountered at virtually any time of year.
While they may create a visual spectacle they also bring a potential auditory onslaught which is a real challenge for many domestic pets.
All too often owners only come to the practice for advice when the event is imminent and at this stage it is management advice that is needed to minimise the negative impact on
their canine companions This presentation will give information which will enable veterinary staff to offer practical suggestions to these owners but will also discuss the need for a proactive responses from the profession in order to offer long term help to dogs and their owners in order to alter canine perceptions and reduce the recurrence of these problems year after year.

All face-to-face evening CPD sessions
will be held in Chester.
All sessions are priced at £45,
£22.50 for BASS & DEIP members.
Buy all four for £120 or £60 for
BASS & DEIP Members.

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