Dealing with behaviour problems in the ten minute consult – is it possible?

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One of the main reasons that is given for the
poor level of behavioural medicine advice
offered by veterinary practices is a lack of time.
Accurately diagnosing behavioural conditions
and advising on appropriate management
and treatment approaches does indeed take
time. However, there is a still an important
role for the general practice in the field of
behavioural medicine. The ability to identify
signs of emotional states in patients and signs
of behavioural concerns in their owners, can
help veterinary practices to offer timely and
beneficial advice. This presentation will discuss
what can, and what cannot, be achieved in
a routine veterinary consultation.

All face-to-face evening CPD sessions
will be held in Chester.
All sessions are priced at £45,
£22.50 for BASS & DEIP members.
Buy all four for £120 or £60 for
BASS & DEIP Members.

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