Improving rabbit welfare through understanding their behaviour

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About the course

Rabbits are rapidly becoming one of the most
popular domestic pets in the UK and their life-style as a companion animal is also changing. More people are becoming aware of the sociable nature of this charming species and keeping rabbits in the house, rather than in an isolated hutch at the end of the garden, is becoming more commonplace. Even so there are still a considerable number of pet rabbits who spend their time in social isolation and in environments
that severely compromise their natural behaviour.
When they do live in the house there are still
some misunderstandings which limit optimisation
of their environment. Rabbit welfare is an important subject for the veterinary profession and this webinar aims to improve understanding of normal behaviour in order to enable veterinary
practices to give beneficial advice to owners in terms of everyday rabbit care and how to deal with unwanted behaviours when they occur.

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