Canine Stress - What makes life difficult for our canine friends?

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Dogs are often described as 'mans best friend' and there is a common assumption that people instinctively know how to care for their canine companions. The similarities between human and canine social behaviour are highlighted and a perception exists that life in a domestic environment is inherently easier for dogs than it is for cats. While it may be true that dogs and humans share some aspects of social behaviour, the level of emotional illness in domestic dogs is evidence of the potential for life in a domestic environment to be difficult. Lack of understanding of canine communication and a tendency to interpret interactions with dogs form a human perspective are major factors in making living with humans a challenge for the domestic dog. Dogs are also expected to move between numerous different environments and this webinar will emphasis the importance of reviewing the experiences of our pet dogs from a canine perspective to ensure that the potential for negative impact on their emotional health is minimised.
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