The Importance Of 'Stress Audits' In General Veterinary Practice

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Visits to the veterinary practice can be stressful for pets and their owners. the concept of feline friendly practice has become well established over recent years but it is important to remember that decreasing the negative emotional impact of the veterinary experience has clear benefits in terms of the emotional health of our patients whatever the species. A stress audit looks at the veterinary experience from the perspective of the patients and assesses the potential for negative emotional arousal. It also considers how the veterinary visit can be optimised and how species specific coping strategies can be utilised in order to minimise negative emotional impact. Stress audits also consider the human dimension and the potential for negative experiences if the patient to influence the clients perception of the practice. Owners will often avoid bringing their pets to the practice because of the negative impact that they anticipate both on their animal and on themselves. This webinar will show how stress audits make both welfare and commercial sense and can provide a valuable added dimension to the successful running of the veterinary practice.
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