Focus on Cat Behaviour – Geriatric Cats

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About the course

A CPD event focussing on cat behaviour will held by the Central College of Animal Studies.

Taking place on Thursday 21 June, the practical workshop, aimed at vets and veterinary nurses will set out how to effectively take behavioural history from a client.

The session will focus on how a cat’s behaviour changes with age. Hosted by experienced cat behaviour councillor Vicky Halls, this informative session explores common problems found in the elderly cat and how to manage them at home.

It will discuss how to establish a cat-friendly home for the elderly, how to manage osteoarthritis at home, and how to manage cognitive dysfunction. It will also advise on how to give advice about the elderly cat that soils in the home.

The event will run from 9:00 – 13:00 at a cost of £40.00 (discounts are available for multiple bookings, existing customers and CPD Club Members)

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