Anaesthesia Challenges in Everyday Practice with Claire Roberts

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About the course

Anaesthesia is a daily occurrence in practice and often can be approached in a fairly routine manner. Some cases require far more consideration and planning than others, however. This one-day course will look at some of the specific challenges that we are often faced with, and how best to approach them in terms of anaesthetic induction, maintenance and the recovery period. The latter can often be the most susceptible time for some of the more vulnerable patients. This is a full day of interactive case-based discussion aimed for veterinary nurses, where we will look at specific patients and what additional concerns we may have during anaesthesia, focusing on how and why we should address these.

Topics to be covered include:
  • The geriatric patient- the importance of pre-GA testing and assessment
  • The caesarean section- pre-medications and foetal considerations
  • The endocrine patient- considerations of altered metabolism and unstable patients
  • The septic abdomen – anaesthesia in the face of an unstable haemodynamic state
  • The brachycephalic patient- pre and post-op complications and how to avoid them.
  • Rabbit anaesthesia and the unique challenges they pose

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