Class IV Laser Therapy Clinics In Veterinary Practice

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Laser Therapy is a fast developing therapy in the Veterinary Industry. Since the development of class IV lasers, their use has become more of a practicality in every day practice. The advancements made in the scientific support for the therapy has been incredibly positive in helping to drive the therapy forward.

On this 1-Day attendance CPD course we will look at the science behind how Laser Therapy works. We will also look into the wide range of uses and safety implications on having a Laser in practice. If done properly Laser can be a great addition to your practice from both a revenue and patient point of view. In order for it to be successful there are many aspects that need to be considered when implementing Laser clinics. The primary aim of this course is to equip the veterinary professional with the knowledge and confidence to be able to successfully incorporate Laser Therapy into their practice, whether completely new to laser therapy or in need of a refresher course.

It can be a very confusing subject at times and especially when there are many different companies with different viewpoints and different systems out there. Part of this educational course will also be to help give you the background information into what types of lasers are most effective for what conditions and what to look for in your Therapy Laser. 




Start date Location / delivery
23 May 2018 Chester
20 Jun 2018 Essex
11 Jul 2018 Birmingham
12 Sep 2018 Gloucester

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