Safe Cattle Handling

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About the course

Cattle have to be handled for a variety of reasons on the farm it might be day to day routines for milking, loading and transport or a full blown TB test. Ultimately these handling events need to be efficient and safe. This course is designed to get people thinking from the cows’ viewpoint when it comes to handling.

The key elements are examined in turn:

  • Cattle behaviour – what cows do and why 
  • People behaviour- how they influence the behaviour of the cattle they handle
  • Facilities appraisal – taking an animal centered approach to the hardware on the farm

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify the key behaviour traits of cattle
  • Explain what might drive key behaviour traits (instinct, senses, learning)
  • Identify the key anti-predator responses in cattle and how they apply to a low stress handling  approach
  • List the features of good facility design (including crushes)Evaluate typical farm handling scenarios
  • Identify further sources of help and information


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