Burying our heads in the straw? How to better diagnose and treat calf pneumonia

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Talk by Ian Glover BVSc MRCVS

​Bovine respiratory disease complex (BRD) in young calves is an enigma. How common is it? Do we need to worry more about it? How do we actually diagnose it anyway? And how do we get on top of a disease which is such an unknown quantity on most farms? Calves with severe clinical signs of pneumonia are easy to spot, and are often the animals which are treated by farmers, leaving large numbers of affected animals untreated and hampering efforts at disease control. Ian Glover is a mid-Devon practitioner with extensive experience in diagnosing and quantifying BRD on dairy farms. This talk will review the current UK situation with regards to BRD, and practical methods to improve diagnosis by farmers and vets, including clinical health scoring, thoracic ultrasonography and temperature-sensing ear tags.

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