1220a Arthroscopy Level 2

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About the course

This course is for you if you already have some arthroscopic experience or if you’ve already attended the ‘Arthroscopy for Beginners’ course. We’ll help you take your small animal arthroscopy to the next level. We’ll take an in-depth look at elbow disease and discuss where you can use arthroscopy

to enhance clinical outcomes. We’ll also look at the role of arthroscopy in management of diseases of other joints. Wet labs will let you practise arthroscopic surgical techniques in the shoulder and elbow with lots of help form expert and approachable tutors.

What you’ll learn:

  • Detailed discussion of elbow joint disease and how it is managed
  • How you can use arthroscopy in the management of elbow disease
  • Disease conditions of other joints where arthroscopy may be indicated for your patients
  • Wet lab practical on arthroscopy of the elbow to include cartilage debridement and medial part of the coronoid process fragment removal.
  • Wet lab practical on arthroscopy of the shoulder to include joint assessment, biceps tendon of origin sectioning and cartilage debridement.

Course Tutor:    Kinley Smith MA VetMB CertSAS DipECVS PhD MRCVS

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