Zero Tolerance on Punctuation & Grammar - A Crash Course

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About the course


When the book Eats, Shoots & Leaves was published it became a bestseller, an unusual occurrence for a book that is all about punctuation. However, people see your language as a reflection of your competence. Make lots of writing mistakes, and you'll come across as uneducated and uninformed.

This half day seminar will provide delegates with a crash course in punctuation and rules of grammar. It will afford the opportunity to raise those awkward questions about grammar which you may never have had the opportunity of asking.

What You Will Learn

This seminar is designed for anyone who wishes to write well - whether that be to clients or colleagues. Eradicate those simple and avoidable mistakes and stand out from the crowd with your writing style. This course will cover:

  • Grammar terminology
  • Sentence construction
  • The six essential rules of punctuation
  • When to use capital letters
  • Commonly misused words
  • Commonly misspelled words
  • Follow-up exercise

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