How to Maximise Your Personal Effectiveness at Work

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About the course


Whilst you may have the technical skills to perform to a high standard, this one day workshop explores a number of aspects of personal effectiveness at work.

A series of practical exercises and case studies will be used throughout the day and delegates will be given the chance to discuss the challenges that they face.

This course is suitable for any business professional who is seeking to be more effective in the workplace and get more out of their day.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • How to manage office tasks more effectively by setting clear personal objectives and monitoring progress
  • Prioritise different tasks to ensure that deadlines are hit and the expectations of different stakeholders are complied with
  • Managing and communicating to all levels assertively but without damaging relationships
  • Setting personal objectives
    • How to establish short and long term goals
    • How to link these to manageable task lists
    • Tracking progress
  • Prioritising tasks
    • Distinguishing between urgent and important tasks
    • How to manage your day to ensure that adequate consideration is given to each
    • Diary management and 'to do lists'
  • Managing and influencing others
    • Flexibility of approach
    • A range of simple but effective strategies linked to an awareness of different personality and social styles
  • Assertiveness
    • Assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours
    • How to use a simple three step model to a get a point across clearly without seeming rude
  • Managing conflict - Conflict resolution strategies and help them establish which ones work best, when and why
  • What motivates people to come to work
  • The strategies that can be adopted to maximise self-motivation and for, those managing teams, to maximise the motivation of others

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