Millennials - Recruiting, Managing & Retaining Your Youngest Employees

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About the course


By 2020, 50% of the working population will be of Millennial age.

In 2016, 21% of Millennial workers changed jobs - and 93% of those left their company to do it. In addition, the Millennials are now being joined by Generation Z - the youngest generation in today's workforce.

Liberated yet constrained by technology, they are bringing attitudes and ideas to your offices that are brand new, and much more difficult to manage. If you don't discover how best to recruit, retain and maximise the performance of your Millennial employees, you'll find it hard to attract younger staff and even harder to serve your clients.

This course is aimed at all leaders and managers who are tasked with hiring, managing and retaining this workforce and who need to ensure that the productivity and performance of their youngest employees will continue to support their business strategies and client portfolios.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • The key differences between the five generations in today's UK workplaces
  • The three dominant factors that impact each generation's way of interacting, communicating and working
  • The challenges of recruiting, hiring and retaining your youngest employees
  • Three levels of disparity that make Millennials more difficult to retain
  • The top six demands of Millennials in the workplace today
  • Tips for recruiting Millennials - and becoming more attractive than your competition
  • Techniques for retaining Millennials and keeping them past the 2 year mark
  • Tools for maximising the performance of Millennials in your workplace
  • How to encourage your older and younger workers to interact, communicate and work effectively together

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