Dealing with Customer Complaints - A Workshop

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About the course


Ignoring complaints can have a massive impact on your business and brand reputation. Did you know that typically, for every 100 customers who have reason to complain, only 1 will take the action and complain?

As challenging as it might feel, we have to be thankful for the customer who complains as they are the ones who provide us with the opportunity to get better.

This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to handling any future complaints and give you the confidence to embrace these conversations and obtain the feedback that will ultimately help you and your business to get better.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • The intensity reduction formula
  • The 4 key things that customers want as an outcome of their complaint
  • How to adapt your style to suit the person who is complaining so that you are 'in sync' with them
  • How to say 'No' gracefully
  • What the question funnel is and how to use it when gathering the facts about a customer's complaint
  • The importance of positive language and how to use it when handling customer complaints
  • How to consider 'random acts of kindness' that will turn complaining customers into advocates of your business

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