The Forensic Process

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Course Facilitators:

  • David Martin BVSc MRCVS, Clinical Director of the Brownlow Veterinary Group.
  • Samantha Pickles BSc MSc PGCE MCSFS, Lead Forensic Scientist at ArroGen Veterinary Forensics.
  • Hosted by the University of Surrey.

The Forensic Process aims to prepare veterinary staff for the possibility of forensic involvement in animal abuse and welfare cases, across the two main strands of exposure: your own intuition and suspicion, and formal referral from relevant authorities.

Any veterinary practice could be called upon at any time to assist in such matters. By guiding participants through the forensic process, a variety of real case examples will be presented and the unique opportunity to create a forensic case-file to complement your practice notes is offered. In addition, a network of experts will be available, to support you not only through the course, but during your career.

This online course takes approximately 16 hours to complete, which can be undertaken at your own pace and at any time over the course’s 2-month period. All resources are fully downloadable, including templates to support the documentation and examination of various animals, including the recognition and recovery of potential evidence – and what to do with it, once you have it!

Upon completion, participants will be awarded 16 certified CPD hours and access to a bespoke suite of courses for further development, in this fascinating but critical aspect of veterinary practice.

Dave graduated from Liverpool University in 1997 and became a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons during the same year. He joined the Brownlow Veterinary Group in 2004 and has a heavy workload as an Expert Witness, alongside clinical duties involving small and large animals.

Samantha has been a forensic scientist since 2002, having been cross-trained within Biology, Drugs and Ecology departments. She is one of only a small number of Expert Witnesses in Forensic Entomology and has extensive casework experience across a range of forensic and medical case types. Sam is regularly involved in multi-disciplinary investigations and delivering forensic training for professional practice.

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