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The VetX Veterinary Graduate Accelerated Learning, Support & Development Program

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome and want to free yourself from the negative thoughts that hold you back?

Do you want to extend your learning beyond University and develop the real skills that will help you become a successful veterinarian? (Hint - they are not clinical skills).

Do you want to learn how to prevent burnout, build your mental resilience and be happy with your awesome life as a vet?

Do you want to avoid the stress of being sued as a vet?

Is support in your first 1-3 years after graduation important to you so you don’t feel isolated or left behind?

Do you want to learn how to handle pet owners so they are a joy in your day, not a hassle and source of stress? 

Is accelerating your learning and clinical skill development a priority?

Do you want to know how to spot a good practice from a bad one?

Would you like to learn how to get what you want from your boss (including new equipment and a pay rise) without annoying or upsetting them in the process?

Do you feel completely unprepared for the financial side of life as a vet?

Would you like to learn how to earn the salary you deserve for all those years of study, pay off your debts, and be able to afford a house?

If the answer is yes to any (or all) of these questions then the VetX Graduate Accelerator Program is the best investment you can make in your future. 

About VetX

VetX is a vibrant, active online community of like-minded, young vets who share the same goal, to be successful and happy in their job. It’s a unique, independent, educational, networking and mentoring group for new graduates who want to accelerate their career by learning from some of the world’s most experienced and successful vet coaches. 


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