Higher Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling Skills

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About the course

The Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling Skills includes both the introductory and advanced pet bereavement modules.

Applicants may include professionals who intend to support owners and carers of pets who have experienced a pet or animal bereavement with contexts to include veterinary, instructional, voluntary, welfare, or other counseling platforms.

Pet bereavement counseling requires exceptional interpersonal skills in effective listening, communicating, empathizing, and planning. It is also necessary to understand and practice within an ethical framework in consideration of individual diversity, confidentiality, and the law.

In addition to the above, successful students will understand and apply theoretical counseling methodologies and seamlessly guide pet owners/carers through the stages of grief, decision making and resolution, to include situations where accidental or traumatic circumstances lead to a more complex bereavement process.

As importantly, successful students will understand the value of the human-animal relationship and be sensitive to animal versus human loss.

In order to gain the Certificate in Professional Dog Training, you need to complete the two courses shown below.

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