Emergency First Aid and Triage - Half Day

Provided by The College of Animal Welfare

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Every day there is the potential for an emergency case to present itself to your clinic. Whilst we are well-versed in routine and preventative medicine, for those working in General Practice, our emergency knowledge and experience may be more limited.

Nurses are often on the frontline and can be the first port of call for many telephone queries. It is important that we are confident and knowledgeable during this important first communication. It is vital that the right questions are asked and appropriate first aid treatment given to the owner.

Upon arrival at the clinic, it may be the nurses that perform the initial triage assessment of the patient. Would you currently be confident in assessing the A-B-C-D-E of a triage assessment? Followed by a Primary Survey?

This course is aimed at increasing your knowledge and confidence in all aspects of emergency first aid and triage of patients.

We will cover in depth, the aims of triage and how to perform an initial triage assessment, followed by a more in depth Primary Survey, where appropriate. We will discuss the provision of emergency treatment and the initial stabilisation of the emergency patient, which will include a CPCR practical session.

We will also cover shock, SIRS, MODS and DIC in detail, enabling prompt recognition from the primary caregiver (you!) and allowing the swift instigation of treatment.


Start date Location / delivery
29 Jul 2017 The College of Animal Welfare (CAW Huntingdon) Book now

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