Equine Essential Surgery Skills - Orthopaedic Surgery

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About the course

This exciting addition to our CPD programme is structured to be suitable for delegates working towards an RCVS CertAVP in equine surgery at a C module level but is also equally useful for those wishing to refresh their knowledge and skills in equine surgery at an advanced practitioner level. The days can be attended individually or as a two day course for those with a wider interest in general equine surgery.

Day One Essential Equine Surgery Skills: Orthopaedic Surgery

Do you want to progress your equine surgical skills? Do you need a clinical refresher on surgical techniques? Do you want an update on approaches to distal check ligament desmotomy and then practice it yourself under the guidance of equine surgery specialists?

This highly practical course will focus on the RCVS core surgery list compulsory for the CertAVP (Equine Surgery –Orthopaedics) designation. The workshop will use a combination of comprehensive lectures including images and videos to demonstrate surgical techniques before candidates will get the opportunity to perfect these clinical skills in fully interactive, small group wet lab sessions using cadavers.

The first practical session will cover palmar digital neurectomy, desmotomy of the accessory ligament of the DDFT and repair of tendon lacerations whilst the second session will focus on hoof wall resection, management of hoof capsule injuries, application of foot and distal limb casts and needle lavage.

This course provides a unique opportunity for delegates to practice and gain confidence in performing these procedures under the guidance of specialists experienced in clinical teaching of these skills. Delegate numbers will be limited to 16 to allow maximum exposure during practical sessions.

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