Investigation of the Poorly Performing Horse - Cardiorespiratory and exercise physiology

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Are you confident in your approach to horses with back and sacroiliac pain? How significant is that elevation in CK? Is that respiratory noise significant? Is that heart murmur a cause for concern? Do you struggle with horses that are performing below expectation? Do you feel confident you have got to the root of the problem?

Equine sports medicine is a rapidly growing area but whether you deal exclusively with race horses or your client base is more pleasure horses and show ponies, all athletic horses have the potential to suffer from performance limiting disorders.

This course has been developed to equip equine practitioners with a systematic approach to evaluating poor performance. The lectures and practical sessions will enable clinicians to feel confident in in their case work up.

Day two focuses on cardiorespiratory causes of poor performance and exercise physiology. The lectures consider diagnosis and management of both upper and lower airway performance limiting conditions as well as cardiac disease in relation to poor performance. Practical sessions include demonstrations of dynamic endoscopy and tips for using ECG as a diagnostic tool in poor performance cases.

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