Anaesthesia in Practice

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  • Speciality Nursing
  • Location Coventry
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  • Skill level Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced
  • CPD Hours 15
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Day 1:  Planning Ahead for Anaesthesia This day course will discuss how we can prepare for anaesthesia to aim for problem free procedures. We will cover how we can look at individual patients and the procedure they are to undergo to identify areas that may cause concern. We will also look at the equipment checks we should perform in order to ensure we don’t run into avoidable problems! Specific areas to be covered How to plan for anaesthesia cases including ASA scoring, breed and procedure related issues How to correctly check anaesthetic machines Understand how to correctly select and use endotracheal tubes and breathing systems Understand the anaesthetic agents we are likely to use, to allow us to best match the individual agent to the patient Understand commonly used analgesic agents and know how to effectively perform pain scoring in practice   Day 2:  Monitoring the Anaesthetised Patient The purpose of monitoring our patients under anaesthesia is to warn us of any issues that are developing.  This course will look at the different types of monitoring techniques which we have available to us, how we use them, and what we can do when we detect something is wrong. Topics to be covered include cardiovascular and respiratory monitoring under anaesthesia, along with how to effectively deal with any issues that may arise under anaesthesia, including hypothermia, hypotension and arrhythmias. Specific areas to be covered Why we perform ‘hands on’ monitoring techniques How the different types of monitoring instruments work, what they tell us, and what we can do when things go wrong including: o   Pulse oximetry o   Capnography o   Blood pressure o   ECGs o   Temperature How to deal with issues that arise under anaesthesia including: o   Hypotension o   Hypothermia o   Arrhythmias o   Hypoxia The use of fluid therapy in our anaesthesia patients, both pre-operatively, as well as intra-operatively   Day 3: Case-Based Anaesthesia This day will look at anaesthesia of specific patients, either with specific underlying diseases, e.g. cardiac disease, or specific conditions, e.g. caesarean section. Delegates are encouraged to bring along examples of cases they have struggled with, or feel unsure of, so they can provide the basis of case discussions. Specific areas to be covered Anaesthesia of critical patients Anaesthesia for cardiac disease Anaesthesia for respiratory disease Anaesthesia for paediatric patients   POINTS TO CONSIDER This three day course will provide 15 hours of CPD It will not provide further qualifications or post-nominals Each of the three days may be booked individually for £200 +vat


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29 Nov 2017 Holiday Inn Coventry Book now

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