Veterinary Oncology ~ The Safe Use of Chemotherapy in Practice

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Veterinary Oncology | Safe use of chemotherapy in practice


With chemotherapy procedures now being commonplace in practice, it is of utmost importance that veterinary staff understand the safety measures that must be taken to protect staff, patients and their owners and families.

This course will explore the various aspects of safety and give participants the tools to create an outline safety policy for their place of work.


By the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to:

Understand & plan for the health & safety issues surrounding chemotherapy use in practice.

Create a safe standard of care within the practice & be able to communicate it to others

Know the limitations of safety within the practic

Understand important safety factors related to:

            - Storage
            - Preparation
            - Administration
            - Spills
            - In-patients
            - Home care & owner education for safety


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