Itchy and scratchy – refresher on dermatology

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About the course

This refresher course will look at the basic approach to common dermatology scenarios seen in practice, namely pruritus and ear disease. The aim is to provide the GP vet with practical tips that they can take back and apply in practice. 

The day will open with a basic introduction to dermatology and structure and function. Then the importance of taking a good dermatological history and performing a thorough examination will be explored in more detail. 

All causes of pruritus will be discussed in detail including ectoparasites, infection and allergic skin disease. The final lecture will be dedicated to the approach and management of otitis externa as this is a common clinical presentation seen in practice.

There will be opportunities throughout the day for group discussion and interaction.

The five key things delegates will learn from this course are: 

  • The role of ectoparasites in pruritic skin disease
  • How to approach a pruritic dog to obtain a diagnosis
  • How to manage cases of allergic skin disease
  • How to diagnose and treat pyoderma in dogs
  • How to approach and manage otitis externa cases

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