How to succeed in the UK as a non-UK vet

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About the course

Almost a third of non-UK vets who intend to settle in the UK return to their home countries within 24 months of registering with the RCVS and 50% return home within three years (RCVS, January 2017). The reason for this can often be traced back to a few common factors including:

  • language and communication difficulties
  • poor understanding of cultural differences
  • lack of understanding around expectations 
  • lack of knowledge around professional and career opportunities  

This course will provide non-UK vets with the knowledge and understanding needed to overcome these challenges and develop a successful career in the UK. 

The five key things delegates will learn from this course are: 

  • What clients and employers expect of you
  • Simple techniques for clear and effective communication
  • How to work with others within the practice team
  • How to increase productivity and your value to the practice
  • The cultural differences that are getting in the way of your career progression

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