The Role of ANAs in Practice

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The day is designed specifically for animal nursing assistants, and will cover the skills that an ANA should be utilising in veterinary practice.
We will discuss what ANAs can and can’t do in line with the Veterinary Surgeon’s Act and Schedule 3.
We will cover customer care, your role in laboratory and dispensary areas, along with nutrition and care of in-patients.  We will look at what aspects are important in the surgical field, including  gloving and gowning, instrument care and assisting the veterinary nurses and surgeons.
Specific areas to be covered
Skills ANAs are able to perform in practice
Customer care and communication
Laboratory and dispensing skills
Caring for in-patients – monitoring, signs to take note of, nutrition
Role in theatre – gloving, gowning, instrument care
How to best assist veterinary nurses and surgeons

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