Haematology and transfusion medicine

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About the course

Anaemia and bleeding are amongst the most challenging situations to deal with in companion animal medicine. The clinical signs can be dramatic for owners and life threatening for patients. The differential diagnosis list can be long, and the therapeutic and prognostic implications can vary dramatically.

This course aims to get practitioners comfortable with some of the more common issues that they are likely to encounter in emergency and chronic settings. This will include stabilisation of the collapsed anaemic patient, investigating the causes of anaemia, treating immune mediated haemolytic anaemia and an overview of transfusion medicine.

The five key things delegates will learn from this course are: 

  • How to investigate anaemia
  • How to treat canine IMHA
  • How to investigate bleeding in cats and dogs
  • Which blood products to give and when
  • How to give blood and what can go wrong

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