eCPD How to Make Your Practice a Happier Place for Cats and Their Owners

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A series of five videos with Martha Cannon focusing on making your practice a more feline-friendly environment.

***The cost of this course £45 also includes unlimited access to for 1 full month, allowing you to view hundreds of hours of certified CPD lectures on a huge variety of topics!** Pay Per View Options Available too!

A visit to the vet can be a stressful experience for cats. For a species that needs a sense of control, territory and familiarity to feel safe, a trip to the vets is frightening and the distress this causes to the cat and also to their owner is a leading cause of cats not receiving the veterinary care they need and deserve.

Taking a cat’s eye view of the whole journey from home to consulting room to ward and back again can open our eyes to the needs of cats and their owners, allowing us to make simple changes that will make a big difference to them.

This series of videos, suitable for both vets and vet nurses, looks at all aspects of developing a more feline friendly ethos and the multiple advantages that it can bring to the practice and the veterinary team as well as the cats and their owners.

Topics covered include:

  • Cat Handling
  • Improving the Cat Owner’s Experience
  • Reduced Stress Cat Hospitalisation
  • Safe Sedation Approaches for Fractious Cats
  • Pain Scoring and Analgesia for Cats



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