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The Unisvet Executive Master in Clinical Endoscopy is addressed to practitioners willing to improve their skills in endoscopic diagnosis. This is an intense course, 4 modules of 1 week each, spread over 2 years, that will cover all different aspects of endoscopy: both flexible and rigid instruments applied to the respiratory, digestive and uro-genital systems. Moreover, a special focus of the master will be dedicated to the thoracoscopy and laparoscopy techniques. Endoscopy of exotic pets will also be addressed.

About 40% of the master course will consist in WET LAB SESSIONS: these are meant to equip the participant with the confidence necessary to use different endoscopic techniques. Endoscopic stations will be provided, each of them with 4 participants and 1 instructor: we want to make sure that every student will have the opportunity to practice as long as need to gain confidence with the instruments

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