C-POU.3 Minor Poultry Species, Hatcheries and Incubation, Poultry Processing and Legislation

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About the course

At the end of the modules, candidates should be able to demonstrate:

Part A

  • A sound working knowledge of the common health and management problems and their epidemiology in the minor poultry species and in game birds.
  • Strategies for diagnosis, disease prevention and control.

Part B

  • A sound working knowledge of hatcheries and incubation and the identification and prevention of hatchery/incubation problems.
  • A good understanding of the welfare and health issues in hatching poultry and in day old chicks

Part C

  • A sound working knowledge of the legislative requirements applicable to poultry production, processing and product export, and a sound understanding of the legislation relevant to zoonoses and notifiable diseases.

Part D

  • A thorough understanding of primary processing, further processing, meat inspection, and hygiene issues.
  • The identification of the common causes of downgrades and rejects and the development of strategies to minimize loses.
  • The welfare issues related to poultry slaughter and the means to audit the process.


Full module details can be accessed by downloading the Module Oultine below:



Barry Thorp, BVMS PhD DiplECPVS MRCVS 
Specialist Poultry Veterinarian and Partner 
St David's Poultry Team 

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