C-POU.2 Poultry Disease Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

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At the end of the module, candidates should be able to demonstrate:

  • A knowledge (aetiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, epidemiology, treatment/ prevention) of the common diseases affecting poultry (either clinically or sub-clinically), and an understanding of the economic importance of the disease to individual flocks and associated epidemiological groups.
  • A clear understanding of how husbandry and management can influence these diseases.
  • A thorough understanding of the diagnostic techniques available for determining or confirming a diagnosis, together with an understanding of the practical techniques involved, the limitations of the techniques and cost implications on the economics of production.
  • A sound understanding of the immune response in birds, the impact and mechanism of immunosuppression and how the immune response may be manipulated by vaccination and other factors.
  • An understanding of the basic components of a preventative healthcare plan and how to implement within both small and large scale poultry production systems.
  • Sound knowledge of biosecurity and hygiene including types of disinfectants allowed under Poultry Orders legislation.
  • An understanding of the available poultry vaccines in the UK, both live and inactivated, their mode of action immunologically and how these products can be used as a component of a cost-effective preventative health programme.
  • A thorough understanding of the practicalities and challenges of vaccine administration and the possible consequences of inadequate vaccine administration from a disease and economic perspective.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the principles of therapeutics, therapeutic products available for poultry in the UK and their benefits/limitations both from a disease treatment and economic perspective.
  • A clear understanding of the food safety and legal requirements of the use of preventative and therapeutic products.
  • An understanding of the principles and practicalities of therapeutic and preventive product administration in the various poultry production systems.


Full module details can be accessed by downloading the Module Oultine below:



Barry Thorp, BVMS PhD DiplECPVS MRCVS 
Specialist Poultry Veterinarian and Partner 
St David's Poultry Team 

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