A-PKS.1 Professional Key Skills

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On completion of the Professional Key Skills Module 9A-PKS), candidates will have demonstrated:

  • An ability to reflect on their professional activities within the context of several key areas (see below) relevant to veterinary practice or business
  • Knowledge of management and leadership principles relevant to their experience of veterinary practice or industry in relevant key areas (as below)
  • An ability to engage with and critically review literature relevant to their area of study
  • Good written communication skills
  • An ability to critically analyse, problem solve and engage with evidence-based decision making in all aspects of professional life
  • Competence in appropriately citing and formatting references within written work
  • Reflective skills that enable understanding of the issues relevant to their area of veterinary profession and the candidate’s learning as a result of completing the module 
Please note that the RCVS has introduced a new A module - Foundations of Advanced Veterinary Practice (A-FAVP.1). This module replaces A-PKS.1 for newly enrolled candidates at the RVC from 1st September 2012 and enrolments on A-PKS.1 at the RVC ceased on 1st August 2012. Candidates who are currently enrolled on A-PKS.1 at the RVC and wish to transfer to A-FAVP.1 may do so - please fill in the transfer form found in the forms section of the website.

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