The Consulting Nurse

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About the course

Brian Faulkner shares some of the top tips from his vet consultation courses reworked for nurses and, together with Clare Hemmings, considers the content, design and marketing of nurse consultations.


Brian will look at the different types of nurse consultation and explore common issues and the communication strategies which will deal with each. The theory is brought to life with examples from Brian’s own experience of running a successful practice and from his one to one training sessions at a wide number of practices. You will learn the psychology of client satisfaction as well as top tips on how to work effectively with other nurses, your manager, and of course the vets.... plus the importance of keeping to time!


Clare, who worked in practice as an RVN, will run through some options for nurse clinics from weight watching to managing diabetes; animal behaviour to geriatric care with tips on how to promote them, run them and measure outcomes in terms of increased compliance, vet appointments or client loyalty. 

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