BEVA Practical CPD for Equine Nurses

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About the course

This brand new course has been created specifically for equine veterinary nurses and is designed to improve skills levels in several key areas of equine safety, specifically:
Equine behaviour and training: a comprehensive run through of how equine behaviour and training techniques can increase safety in equine nursing situations. 
Equine pain scoring: update on pain scoring and how it can be applied in equine practice. 
Equine wound care: update on equine wound care and discussion of dressings. 
Practical sessions: 
Group session: Desensitisation to clippers with a real live horse. Designed to increase safety of equine nurses when dealing with difficult horses, by teaching desensitisation skills, based on scientific evidence. 
Individual sessions: Teaching safe handling techniques applicable to equine nursing situations e.g. restraint, handling and trot up examinations. 
Bandaging practical: hands-on practical including half limb, carpus and hock bandages. This will include common dressings and bandaging materials used to help you perfect your bandaging skills. A pressure monitor will be used to objectively assess pressure applied. 
Course Fee: 
BEVA Members £150
Non-Members £300

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