BEVA Equine Nurses Meeting: Emergency IV Fluid Administration & The Sick Foal - Glasgow

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About the course

Course Description:
This meeting will focus on evidence-based theory associated with emergency IV fluid therapy and foal care. There will also be a practical run through of case scenarios so that delegates can practice what they have learnt in the theory sessions.

Key Learning Objectives:
 Enhance your knowledge of different IV fluids, and confidently apply this knowledge to clinical cases
 Recap and build on your knowledge of conditions needing IV fluids
 Learn how best to administer IV fluids in a range of situations
 Enhance your knowledge of foal nursing, including cases requiring intensive care and what type of care to apply
 Review new evidence-based information relating to IV fluid therapy and foal nursing
 Apply the knowledge gained on the course to a range of clinical cases

Course Fees:
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