BEVA Sedation, Field Anaesthesia and Castrations Fundamentals

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About the course

Please contact the BEVA office if you wish to purchase the Fundamentals of Equine Practice package

The full course programme is currently being finalised. 
The course will cover the following topics: 
Physical & Chemical Restraint 
Continuous Infusion Sedation 
Local Anaesthesia for Standing Surgical Techniques 
Short Term/Single Bolus General Anaesthesia in the Field • Prolonging General Anaesthesia in the Field 
When Things go Wrong! 
•Castration techniques 
Complications of castration 
Practical sessions 
o In-Field General Anaesthetics for colt castrations x 4 or more 
o Horse Heads – palpation and ET / NT intubation 
Course Fee:
BEVA Member £240
Non-Member £480

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