BEVA Gastroenterology Fundamentals

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About the course

This course can be purchased as part of the BEVA Fundamentals Package  -please contact the office for further information.
Full course programme is currently being finalised. 
Topics covered in this course will be: 
Diagnosis and management of colic to include: 
o use of Vienna horse for rectal exam 
o nasogastric intubation 
o the art of refluxing 
o how to peritoneal tap 
o how to use in-house lab results 
o FLASH scanning practical, decision making 
o when to refer 
o fluids 
o client management
o colic prevention
o foal colic
Gastric ulcer disease 
Common causes of diarrhoea and their management 
Parasite control
Course Fee:
BEVA Members £240
Non-Members £480

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