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Advanced Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses with Ambra Panti

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About the course

Are you a veterinary nurse with an interest in anaesthesia? Keen to learn more advanced techniques and concepts to give your patients the best anaesthetic experience? If so, this course is for you! 

During this one day course you will take a look at:

  • The anaesthetic machine - recapping the importance of checking the equipment and breathing system.
  • Patient monitoring – a brief revision on clinical monitoring will be followed by an in-depth look at some of the instrumental monitoring available including how to interpret a capnogram, and the uses and pitfalls of pulse oximetry. Blood pressure monitoring will be also covered, comparing non-invasive with invasive techniques.
  • Anaesthetic induction - why is it so scary? Take a look at the various options for safely inducing anaesthesia in small animals.
  • Analgesia – How to recognise and measure pain in our patients will be explored, followed by a look at different techniques and drugs used to treat pain during the peri-operative period.
  • Triage and CPR – discussing the emergency patient triage and the most recent guidelines on CPR.
  • Anaesthesia complications – Case study discussions on some of the most common complications such as hypothermia, hypotension and arrhythmias, will round up the day.

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