Essentials of Dog and Cat Behaviour Problems

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About the course

Euthanasia is not the answer to a manageable behavioural issue. This half day course will focus on the individual issues that a pet may face and what you can do to prevent suffering or the euthanisation of pets as a result of behavioural issues.

Well-known dog behaviourist Elaine Henley will guide you through an in-depth and interactive discussion about behaviour problems in both the dog and cat. This course is devoted to addressing the behavioural issues you can handle in practice - both alone and with the assistance of staff (and there are far more than you think).

Also covered will be guidance on how to take a correct and useful behaviour history, along with how to recommend the correct treatment for your clients and their pets.

Delegates will consider:


  • Engaging in the behaviour consult
  • Taking a proper behaviour history
  • Asking the right questions
  • Interpreting the client's answers
  • Developing strategies for Behaviour Management

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