The Ins and Outs of Medical Nursing

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About the course

As a nurse you will see a variety of medicine cases every day but how much do you really understand and would you like to know more? This session will teach you about the pathophysiology, signs to observe, the importance of diagnostic testing and most importantly, how we can make a difference to our patients.
This full day course will be an interactive case based session covering a wide range of disorders from cardiovascular, to endocrine, haematopoietic, gastrointestinal and neurological presentations. We will work together as a group through several cases as if they had just arrived at the clinic, discussing problems, what might be causing them and how we can treat them.  
We will cover nursing of the sick patient, calculating ins & outs, nutritional requirements and the importance of monitoring. Including analgesia assessments, pain scoring & effective pain plans, you will be hands on when they need you most!
Feel free to bring any of your own cases along to the session for discussion too.

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