Wildlife - Tips and Tricks for the Top Cases Seen in Practice

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About the course

Wildlife is regularly brought into veterinary practice and owners now expect the surgery to treat and rehabilitate these animals where possible. There are many issues to consider apart from the physical problem being presented and costs involved. These include quality of life and fitness to survive once released. The others revolve around the Five Freedoms and the legal responsibilities for each species.

We will discuss wildlife and the law, how to assess quality of life and ability to survive, fitness to release or be kept in captivity, and the most common species presented to you when in practice. We will cover the main conditions you will encounter in these species and how to treat these conditions.

In summary:

  • The most common species presented in practice
  • The most common conditions seen in these species and how to treat them
  • How to assess quality of life, the freedoms and fitness to release
  • Wildlife and the law

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