Time management for you and your team - tips that work

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About the course

  • Feeling like it's impossible to balance clinical and administrative demands?
  • Struggling to achieve work-life balance?
  • Does work appear to dominate your life?
  • Failing to get everything you need to get done in the time available? 
  • Feel like you need to achieve more than you are?

These are just some of the typical challenges faced by those in veterinary practices and just the sort of issues this workshop is designed to address... permanently. Time management isn’t just about getting more done, its about feeling effective and efficient. The first step is identifying what you are currently doing that is working well, as well as, identifying those behaviours that hold you back. 


This practical workshop is designed for you -  filled with insightful advice about managing your time, regaining control, achieving goals more easily and working within a busy veterinary practice.

The five key things delegates will learn from this course are: 

  • The core principles of time management and personal effectiveness 
  • Driven, productive achievers - what do they do differently? 
  • How to say “No” and delegate effectively 
  • How to set boundaries and manage expectations
  • How to spend time on what is important to you and achieve the work-life balance you want and deserve! 

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