Advanced Rabbit Medicine and Surgery - A 2-Day Practical Course

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About the course

On the second day, this is followed by a series of practical cadaver sessions including airway management, aural surgery, neutering and dental techniques. These classes present a unique opportunity to develop skills which are otherwise rarely offered.

On the first day the following topics will be covered in lectures and case presentations:

  • Rabbit nutrition and husbandry
  • Clinical assessment of rabbits
  • Rabbit critical care
  • Rabbit Anaesthesia
  • Approach to rabbit gastrointestinal stasis
  • Rabbit Respiratory disease
  • Rabbit dentistry
  • Rabbit Nervous Disease

Frank and honest topical discussions will be encouraged during the dedicated question times, with speakers sharing their successes and failures in order to maximize the learning experience for all attending veterinarians. Day 1 will conclude with an optional course dinner, which will give delegates the opportunity to get to know each other and to spend more time with the speakers.

On the second day, with intermittent pre-wet lab lectures explaining the procedures, the 6-hour practical session will give delegates the opportunity to put theory into practice on cadaver specimens (at least 1 per delegate) and to ask questions all under the supervision of the course tutors. The following topics will be covered during the practical sessions:

  • Rabbit intubation and airway management
  • Rabbit Ear Surgery
  • Rabbit neutering
  • Rabbit dental techniques

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